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Bearview Mirror


 New! Blue Puppy




See your baby whilst driving!

Are you frustrated when you're not able to see your baby's face while driving?

Used for rear-facing infants. BearView Infant Mirror allows the driver, or passenger, to safely keep an eye on baby's face whilst driving.

With a quick adjustment of the rear view mirror, or a glance over your shoulder, you can now see your baby's face.

BearView provides peace of mind whilst entertaining your baby.


Colour Combinations

101 Tan
102 Educational Red
103 Panda
104 Monkey
105 Puppy
106 Pinky Pup


  1. Plush 14" tall bear, 35cm
  2. 7" diameter mirror, 17.5cm

Additional Uses

Crib Mirror
Forward Facing Child
Houdini Stop
Houdini Stop
Bearview Mirrors
See your baby Whilst driving

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