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Adventure Belt: Handsfree child rein. Belt to Belt


Adventure Belt: the handsfree child rein. Links adult & child belt to belt, keeping kids safe & happy!


Belt to belt connection


Connecting adult and child belt to belt, hip to hip, means the child does not feel controlled and avoids anyone feeling like they are on a leash. Of course, the parent does control the child, but shh don't tell!


Child friendly pouch

Children love the cute treasure pouch on their Adventure Belt, using it to store their favourite and most precious things; they quickly develop a sense of ownership.


Variety of colourways available

Allow your child to pick their favourite style and their Adventure Belt will become a much loved friend. The child belt colour matches the pouch, so your little one will feel very smart and grown up. With a choice of bright 8 styles, all designed to be gender neutral, the Adventure Belt can be passed from child to child.


Handsfree peace of mind

It's easy to get out and about, without having to worry about your child getting lost or wandering into danger. Carrying bags, pushing a buggy, or paying for a coffee is easy; your hands are free, and any accidential wandering is avoided!


Child friendly

The Adventure Belt can be used as soon as children develop a stable walking ability, and until the child reachs a weight of 27KG. Kids instinctively love bags and pouches, so their Adventure Belt will become a much loved friend! A hip to hip connection is totally neutral, some kids even feel in charge!



Adventure Belt:  Links adult & child belt to belt, keeping kids safe & happy!
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