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Purple Elephant

Purple Elephant

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Name: Nelly

Born in the circus

Likes/dislikes - hates loud noises, loves to eat nuts!


Your pet is delicate and will need love and attention to grow and stay part of your family.

Your pet will normally be delivered to your family by post. We did want Storks to do the job but the An Post is more reliable and won’t fly south for the Winter!

When your pet arrives, he or she will need to be fed with helium. They love it! It makes them grow nice and cuddly but be careful not to give too much as they might go “pop!”

When you have given them their helium and tied on their lead, they are really happy and will want to play for hours and hours. In fact they will be ready to be played with for days until they are just too exhausted to carry on and will need a bit more helium to keep them going.  Sometimes, if it is too cold, they will shrink a little but if you put them in a warmer room, they will grow again as they really love a nice warm temperature.

Of course you have to be careful not to make them too hot. Candles or extra hot radiators might hurt them and they could go “pop”. Also make sure that your pet does not go near anything sharp or pointy or they might get hurt (that includes real CATS & DOGS!) And if you are outside and it is very windy, make you are hold on tight as they might fly away!!

If you care for your Walking Pet Balloon and feed them regularly, they are likely to have a long and happy life with your family.

Price unfilled is 8.50. There is additional charge for Helium Filled Balloon of 3.99, for the Elephant, she is big!!



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