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Duvet - 100% Hypoallergenic & Natural- Cot bed - COT SIZE 100% hypoallergenic and natural.  Duvet Duvet - 100% Hypoallergenic & Natural- Cot bed - COT SIZE 100% hypoallergenic and natural.  Duvet

Duvet - 100% Hypoallergenic & Natural- Cot bed


we are delighted to be able to introduce traceability into our Babywool Range of wool bedding. Full traceability combined with genuine machine washability make this bedding range quite unique. Our wool in our Deluxe range has always been sustainable, renewable, biodegradable and machine washable. Now, it is also fully traceable!

Wool is already a fundamental part of the Woolroom DNA when it comes to bedding, mattresses and accessories, so our focus has always been on buying the right kind of wool, as your comfort is at the forefront of our mind. We have always been proud of our ability to offer high quality, clean and responsibly sourced wool. With the introduction of our traceable wool, we can now offer definitive proof of the sustainable, ethical nature of our wool - right back to the very farm.

We can guarantee that the wool we buy has been grown responsibly, the sheep have been looked after and the land well managed, but most importantly that British farming communities are being supported. Our exclusive relationship with Woolkeepers is an industry first, and assures the next step of our evolution of our supply chain, with 100% British Wool that's traceable right back to the farm.

This relationship means that every part of our supply chain from a Woolkeepers assured farm onwards is robustly audited, from the collection, washing and combing of the wool, to going into a carefully hand-crafted Woolroom Traceable product that is identifiable by a high fibre quality, strong animal welfare policies and full farm provenance.

Safety warning
 recommends that if your baby is under one year old, you do NOT use a duvet, quilt or pillow. Do not use electric blankets or hot water bottles. Instead, use one or more layers of light blankets and clothing.

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