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Large Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Star Chart - Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Star Chart

Large Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Star Chart

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How to Use

With each child, choose one of the coloured boxes at the bottom and write in their name, a target number of stars and a reward for achievement.

Next, place or write activities on the rows and, as appropriate, circle the star with the same colour as the box for the Child's name. Repeat for each child. More than one child can follow the same activity by circling the appropriate colour star.

Each time or each day a child follows an activity, they earn their colour star and can place it on the row. Targets can be daily or weekly and you may need to repeat activities to encourage the child to adopt the desired behaviour. You will see that the charts displays numbers rather than days.

Consistency also is the key


216 Magnetic pieces

19 Acitivities or write out your own

Star / reward Chart


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