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My Babylog Inkless Hand and Footprint Kit - Hand and Footprint Kit My Babylog Inkless Hand and Footprint Kit - Hand and Footprint Kit

My Babylog Inkless Hand and Footprint Kit


Create a lasting memory of your baby’s early days by making an imprint of their tiny hand and feet with our inkless hand and footprint kit.  It is a truly unique and special memento to look back on in years to come, to help you remember how tiny and delicate your child was in their early days.  This inkless hand and footprint kit is completely safe, non-toxic and simple to use, as well as being totally mess free. 

To create your special imprints use our special wipe on your baby’s hands and feet and then press on to the special memory paper, lift baby up and see the image magically appear with every intricate detail reproduced.  With the hand and footprint kit it is possible to create approximately 8 baby sized prints with one single wipe.  The kit can also be used to create prints from older children too, but you will not be able to achieve quite so many imprints.

The hand and footprint kit is also a lovely way to create a gift for a grandparent or other relatives to cherish, particularly for those who may live some distance away and may not get to see your little ones in their early days.  By receiving an imprint of your little one’s tiny fingers and toes as a gift will surely bring a proud smile to their face as well as a tear to their eye.


Directions are so easy!


Simply wipe the hand and foot with damp cloth provided, Place hand and foot down on the special card provided and just watch the print appear! How cool

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